#2 pan x 25081241976
10 inch Heart (x4)5029511971
101 Dalmatian puppy21051133Singles
101 Dalmatians210532501996
11"x15"x2" sheet pan21051582002
12 cavity boys 2105082102010cookie molds
12 cavity easter egg210505592010cookie molds
12 cavity girls2105082202010cookie molds
12 cavity spring cookies210581292011cookie molds
12"x18"x2" sheet pan21051821998
18 wheeler210500181986
2 easter eggs, 2 bunny face, 2 bunniesMini Trays
3 tier diamonds 10" 15" 19" (2"deep)210542042009
3 tier paisley 9" 12" 17" (2"deep)210540392008
3 Tier pillow pan set 6 3/4 10" 13" (4"deep)21050575
3 tiered cake pan
3-D bowling pin5024424
3-d bunny (ears back)2105204220043-D Pans
3-D bunny (ears up)502222719743-D Pans
3-D care bear2105235019843-D Pans
3-d cruiser2105204320013-D Pans
3-d cuddly bear50251819933-D Pans
3-D Easter bunny9195
3-d egg2105479319983-D Pans
3-D holiday turkey9195
3-D Mini Bear210505452011Wilton Cupcake Pan
3-D octopus9053
3-D raggedy Ann5022081973
3-D rubber ducky210520942002
3-d snowman2105139419843-D Pans
4 Tier Hexagon pan set 6" 9" 12" 15" (2" deep)21053572
6 cavity heart pan210510682010cookie molds
6 Mini hearts51055012
9"x13"x2" sheep pan210513082002
a bugs life210532031998
Alf (2face plates)210527051988
Angel Food (2 pc)63950Singles
Angel Food Heart (2pc)210598141996Singles
Angel food round (2pc)21051104Singles
Angel single210511311996Singles
Angel-solder-horse23061131995cookie molds
animal cracker pan210549452004
Baby bootieSingles
Baby Bottle210510262008
Baby Buggy210533192005
Baby Doll21055732000
Ballerina bear210520211992
Ballerina Bear210510282009
Bambi5154691976Small cake pan
Barcelona classics23061061984cookie molds
Barney (waving)210567131993
Barney (with banner)210534501998
Bart Simpson210590021990
Baseball glove210512341987
bat emblem210594901964
Bat single21051122Singles
Bavarian classic23061041984cookie molds
Bear (round bulging tummy)210594021986
Bear (single serving)63950Singles
Bear (sitting)Singles
Bear (standing)Singles
beautiful day Barbie210535001995
Beehive9019Nordic Ware Pans
bell51636083-D Pans
Bell Pan50220571971
Bell with bowSingles
Bert and Ernie pan50274231971
Big Bird50234011983
Big Bird (6 on tray)210523841984Mini Trays
Big Bird (face plate)210594071988
Big Bird (face)50274071971
Big bird (faceplate)30056021971Small cake pan
Big Bird (with Banner)21053654
big bird (with gifts)50220651971
Big Fish210527631984
Biker mice210527111994
Bird and banner50225051987
Bite size gingerbread boy (9 on tray)21059261995Mini Trays
Blue Ribbon50222861979
Blues Clues210530642003
blues clues (holding gift)210530601999
Bob the Builder210550252002
boba fett50218521983
boo! Ghost210510311988
book pan (2pc)5029401971
Bowling a Strike210565051990
Brave Heart (care bears cousin)210531971984
Bugs Bunny (hand on cheek)210532042001
bugs bunny (running)210532001996
Bugs Bunny (upper body with carrot)50275981978
Bugs Bunny (with drum) (full body)50235171983
Bugs Bunny 1/2 body (with quotation)210582531989
Build a bear (3-D)72955202008Nordic Ware Pans
bumble lion210518751985
Bunny (face)210520742003
Bunny (face)Singles
Bunny (nordic ware)3-D Pans
Bunny (with ribbon)21051752000
Bunny Face (6 on trayMini Trays
bunny face (9")210521201996cookie molds
Bunny face (stick)210581061996cookie molds
bunny insert5034661976
Bunny with egg502345219843-D Pans
Bunt fluted muffin pan50700Nordic Ware Pans
Bunt pan5023051973
Butterfly872722011Nordic Cupcake Pan
Butterfly959722011Nordic Ware Pans
Buzz Lightyear210580802010
cabbage patch kids210519841984
Cabbage Patch kids2105198819853-D Pans
Candy Cane single21051128Singles
Car5084341975Small cake pan
Car9193Nordic Ware Pans
Care Bear210517931983
Care Bear (rainbow on Stomach)210555552008
care bear mold23061181986cookie molds
Care Bears210524242005
Carousel bunt pan9683
Carousel horse210565071990
Cascade pan210511472002
Cat (Halloween)Singles
Caterpillar cake let pan9857Nordic Ware Pans
Cathedral bunt
Cathedral dome pan
Charlie Brown (faceplate)210513171950
Checkerboard pans
Cheerful chick210520361998
choo choo train50285219743-D Pans
Christmas Tree51562010Nordic Ware Pans
Christmas tree (stick)210581011995cookie molds
Christmas tree (tree lights)50211071972
Circle (stick)210581051995cookie molds
Circus clown (with Balloons)50231931981
classic house50224641983
classic wonder mold50268219943-D Pans
Clown (full body)21055722000
Clown full body (ruffles and hat)210594011986
clown insert
ClubsSmall cake pan
contour pan (9x3)Pan Sets
cookie monster (holding cake)50239381982
Cookie monster (with plastic eyes)30056291971Small cake pan
count (sesame street)50274311973
country goose210524991988
Crown of Hearts21055011
Cruise ship
Cuddles the Cow210528751988
Cuddly Bear5022328
Cuddly lamb210549472004
Cupcake flowers
Cupcake pan (like 3-D)210533182005
cupids delight50242621982
cute baby210584611994
cute witch210593301993
Dalmatian puppy210593341993
Darth Vader50214091980
Decorated Easter Egg210517420003-D Pans
Decorated eggSingles
Diamonds5029761972Small cake pan
Dinosaur Muffins1117280824
Dinosaurs (6 diff)Mini Trays
Disney Princess21057475
Disney princess mini treat pan210574762004Mini Trays
Donald Duck51515031977Small cake pan
Donald duck  515507
Donald duck (holding cake)50236811983
Donald duck (holding gift)50272341979
Dora the Explorer210563002003
Dora the Explorer (4 on tray)210563012003Mini Trays
dotty dog pan210539751985
double bell50212201979
Double Tiered hearts5022695
Dumbo5754341976Small cake pan
Dump truck210505622010
Easter Basket (with eggs)50217271980
Easter egg (3-D)2010Nordic Ware Pans
Elmo (face only)210534612002
Elmo (full body party hat present ice cream)210542981996
Esmeralda (faceplate)210538001996
Enchanted castle210520311998
Enchanted Princess210589102002
Ernie (with gift)50236141983
Fancy BundtSingles
Fancy Heart12704Singles
Fancy roundSingles
Fancy roundSingles
Filled cupcake82652011Nordic Cupcake Pan
Fire Truck210520612002
First and 10 football2105650419983-D Pans
fish pan
Flower  50221461971
Flower Pot210520301998
Flower Power210530551998
Fluted heart, Viennese swirlSingles
Foot single21051116Singles
Football Helmet210510292009
Football helmet  50227231979
Football Helmet (6 on tray)210543081984Mini Trays
Football hero210546101987
four flower (2" deep) 6" 9" 12" 15"Pan Sets
four hearts (2" deep)  6" 10" 12" 14"Pan Sets
four oval (2" deep) 7 3/4" 10 3/4" 13" 16 1/2"Pan Sets
four round (3" deep) 6" 10" 12" 14"Pan Sets
Friendly Lion210510122006
Funny Bunny (non stick pan)210515181998
funny face (nordic ware)82642011cookie molds
g.i. joe (faceplate)210529501986
Garden bug86232011Nordic Cupcake Pan
Garfield  50294031978
Garfield (2 face plates)210524471978
Garfield (6)21052550Mini Trays
Giant bunny cookie pan210562051998Giant cookie molds
Giant Gingerbread boy cookie pan210581282010Giant cookie molds
Giant teddy bear cookie pan210562021998Giant cookie molds
gingerbread boycookie molds
Gingerbread boy210520721985
Gingerbread boy
Gingerbread Boy210533131998
Gingerbread house bundt cake28770742010Nordic Ware Pans
gingerbread village (6 cookies)210581472010cookie molds
Go Diego Go210542502007
Golf Bag210518361987
good cheer mug50239651984
Good news stork50238511983
Good time clock210591111991
Goofy  51511041976Small cake pan
Goofy (full body)5151007
Graduation Cap210520381999
Guitar (with all pieces)5029331977
Gum ball machine210528581987
Handsome guy210520231992
Hannah Montana210540602009
Happy birthday210510731980
Happy birthday Batman210565011989
happy birthday insert5036111975
Happy Clown21058021989
Happy hippo5027121974
Happy Santa
Harry Potter210550002001
Haunted house21051812000
Haunted pumpkin210530701998
he man (2 face plates)210531841983
Heart (18")Nordic Ware Pans
Heart (stick)510581041995cookie molds
Heart (with arrow)510549111984
Heart tart pan (2pc)21051139Singles
Heart with removable bottom
Hearts Small cake pan
Hello Kitty210575752010
Hexagon (9")50212471978
High flying witch50233981981
Hockey Player21057241998
Holiday Stocking210520401999
Holiday tree210520582001
Holiday Tree (silver)210594101986
holiday tree (stand up)210575019963-D Pans
Holiday tree pan (green)210520812002
Hollie Robbie5023211976
Holly Hobbie21057781976
Holly Hobbie3005513Small cake pan
Home Runner hitter210520201992
horse head insert5032881974
Huggable Bear50237541982
Hungry animals 87402011Nordic Cupcake Pan
Ice cream cone210520872003
Ice Cream Cone (6)210536361987Mini Trays
Ice Cream cupcake pan2361592010
Jack-o-lantern (6 on tray)50210401983Mini Trays
Jack-o-lantern (stick)210581001995cookie molds
Jack-O-Lantern single21051120Singles
jersey or t-shirt210594061986
Jiminy Cricket5152051976Small cake pan
Jolly Elephant5027201974
Jolly Santa210520912003
Jolly Santa (face)210512251987
Joyful angel50242461983
Jungle animals (3 giraffe & 3 lion)210520961995Mini Trays
jungle lion210520951994
Kitty cat210510091987
Lady bug210533162005
Lamb (6 on tray)210512751995Mini Trays
Lamb (ears down)502201419743-D Pans
Lamb (ears out)3-D Pans
lamb (stand up)2105201019953-D Pans
Lamb (with bow)210525151990
Lamb chop and friends210584681993
Large Bundt Flutted Tube Pan32
Laymed Fluted heartSingles
Lightning Mcqueen210564002006
li'l cowboy50233631981
Lip pan210520351999
Little duckie210520291989
Little Hero210526772003
Little locomotive50236491983
little mouse210523801987
Little pirate210593331993
Little pumpkins210594971990Mini Trays
Little Suzy Zoo210578102003
Loaf (4 1/2 in x 16 in)51212081972
loaf pan
Loaf swirlSingles
Log pans
log swirl 3-D Pans
Lone star state210579251987
Madeleine cookie pancookie molds
Marvin the Martian210532021998
Merry Mermaid210567101993
Merry snowman210594961990
Merry snowman21058031989
Mickey (full body) (with pencil)50229871983
Mickey mouse Singles
Mickey mouse (6 on tray)210536001995Mini Trays
Mickey mouse (face)210583101993
mickey mouse (full body)51518051978
Mickey Mouse (full body)210536011995
Mickey mouse (stick)210581031995cookie molds
Mickey mouse band leader5153291976Small cake pan
Mickey mouse band leader515302
mini angel food Mini Trays
mini ball 210517601987Mini Trays
Mini balloons (4)210594781992Mini Trays
Mini bears (6 on tray)210594971991Mini Trays
Mini bells (6 on tray)210582541989Mini Trays
mini bunnies210544261992Mini Trays
mini clown210556211984Mini Trays
Mini dinosaurs (6 on tray)210593311993Mini Trays
Mini Eggs (8)210521181989Mini Trays
Mini eggs (8)5082127Mini Trays
Mini embossed heart210582551994Mini Trays
Mini Ghosts (6 on tray)210538351991Mini Trays
mini lambs210512751995Mini Trays
Mini Loaf pan (9 on tray)210584681994Mini Trays
mini pumpkin50810401983Mini Trays
Mini pumpkin (12on tray)210584621999Mini Trays
mini Santa50238781983Mini Trays
Mini shells (6 on tray)210543962001Mini Trays
Mini stand up bear210548919973-D Pans
Mini Tier cakes (6 on tray)210532092003Mini Trays
Mini Trains (6 on tray)210544992003Mini Trays
mini umbrellas210582561995Mini Trays
Mini Wonder Mold (4 tray)5083021971Mini Trays
Minni mouse (full body)210536021998
Minnie mouse1976Small cake pan
Minnie mouse (face only)515809
Montgomery moose210519681985
Monster Party (Dracula, witch)210520391999
mgr. owl (graduation)50276441978
Multi cavity pumpkin210511932009Nordic Ware Pans
Mystical dragon210517501984
Noah's ark210520261999
Noel candle50233041991
Number one (large)50219051979
Old Glory5022831974
old world Santa210520411999
Open book (1mix)50274661977
Open book (2 mix)210525211986
Oscar the grouch (in garbage can)50275121971
oval (2x8)Pan Sets
Over the Hill210512371995
Overlapping Hearts50215221979
P.c. popple210520601985
Palm tree510510132006
panda care50250119783-D Pans
Parisian classic23061031984cookie molds
Party Hat210533172005
Party Pony210510112009
Party popple (in bag)210520561985
Paw print210502522011
Peek-a-boo-Bunny (with egg)210543951992
Petite eggs (12 in tray)510547941993Mini Trays
Petite hearts (12)210524321996Mini Trays
Piano (2pan set)5028871973
pink panther (holding sax)50239021982
pink panther (with gift)50245481977
Pinocchio1976Small cake pan
Pirate Ship210510212008
Pirate Ship1117259232010Nordic Ware Pans
Plastic butterfly pan
play boy bunny5022944 
playful puppy50276361978
Pluto5156121976Small cake pan
Pluto (full size)515604
Pocahontas (with face plates)210537001995
pooh (stand up)2105300219983-D Pans
Pooh Single210511352001
Popeye (holding can of spinach)50217191980
popples23061171985cookie molds
Porky Pig in Plane50235331983
Powder Puff Girls210599022000
Power Ranger210559751994
Precious moments210393651993
Precious pony210529141986
preemie (cabbage patch)210519901985
Pretty Lady210520221992
Princess carriage210510272008
Princess crown210510152006
proud graduate210518001995
pumpkin insert5035981976
Puppy cake210524301986
Queen of Hearts21055001
question mark210518401987
R2-D2 (star wars)50214251980
Race Car210513501997
Rag doll5084501975Small cake pan
Raggedy Ann (skipping rope)50237971981
Rainbow Brite210547981983
Robbie HobbieSmall cake pan
Rockin Juke Box50213871983
Rocking horse210523881984
round (2x12)Pan Sets
Round (3"deep) 5" 7" 9"Pan Sets
round base5022591974
round circles210521061995Mini Trays
Rudolph the red nosed reindeer50233471981
Rudy Reindeer21051802000
Running Shoe50219641979
Sand Castle Bundt99922005
Sandwich cookie (3-D)93792312008Nordic Ware Pans
Santa (face only)50223281979
Santa (full body) (holding gift)
Santa Bear210544321983
Santa checking list (full body)210533231995
Santa in Chimney (Nordic ware)3-D Pans
Santa in sleigh210532351984
Santa with list (lead only)50242031982
Santa's treasures210593381993
Santa-sleigh-reindeer23061111986cookie molds
Scarecrow (with basket of apples)210520011998
scooby doo  5022241975
Scooby Doo (6 on tray)210532282003Mini Trays
Scooby Doo (face)210532061999
Scooby doo (holding burger)21053227
Sesame street Abby cc Dubby210544442008
Shamrock (copper)Singles
Shell single21051106Singles
Shining Star210525121987
shower insert5035701975
Showers of Happiness210522931984
Simba50213519743-D Pans
Simba or little kibu5021351974
slot machine210520331998
Smiley graduation210520732003
Smiling Santa21053310 
smiling skull210520572001
Smurf (boy)50240331986
Snowman (6 on tray)1992Mini Trays
Snowman (6 on tray)Mini Trays
snowman (on stub)210581071996cookie molds
snowman (stand up)2105204720003-D Pans
Snowman single21051125Singles
Soccer Ball210520442001
SpadesSmall cake pan
Special delivery210520032000
special delivery 
special delivery bunny210590011991
Special Delivery Bunny 210590011991
Sponge cakes (6)5081376Mini Trays
Spongebob  210551312003Mini Trays
spongebob squarepants210551302002
sports ball2105650620023-D Pans
sports car50219481979
sports utility vehicle210520341998
Spring formSingles
Spring form pans
Square (3" deep) 4" 6" 8"Pan Sets
Stand up Garfield (with face and clips)2105314719783-D Pans
Stand up horse502393719823-D Pans
stand up jack-o-lantern2105315019983-D Pans
Stand up Santa2105600719853-D Pans
star cookie treat (stick)210581021995cookie molds
Stocking singleSingles
Stocking single21051130Singles
Stork Express210511912007
Story book Doll5029681977
Strawberry Shortcake (with Hat)210570402003
Strawberry shortcake (with strawberry)20538351986
Sunny Bunny210524351987
Super Hero (batman/superman)50212121977
super mario bros210529891989
Super race car210565081990
sweet heart pan (performance pam)210511972004
sweetheart pan
Tart pan removable bottom (11")
Tasmanian devil210512361995
Teddy bear  5064771975Small cake pan
Teddy Bear (with blocks)210582571995
Teddy Bear single21051109Singles
Tee it up (golf club and ball)210520321998
Teenage mutant ninja turtles (face)210544361991
Teenage Mutant ninja turtles (full body)210530751989
The Fairly odd parents210562622004
The little Mermaid Ariel (face)210543552007
Thomas the Tank Engine210513492001
Those characters from Cleveland (Popples?)50294061985
three mini heart (1" deep) 5" 7 1/2" 9"Pan Sets
Three squares (2" deep) 8" 12" 16"Pan Sets
Tiered Heart 3 1/2Singles
Timker Bell210561102007
topsy turvy pan2105462004
Toy soldier50251611979
Train5084931975Small cake pan
Train92501Nordic Ware Pans
Tree (6 on tray)210517791984Mini Trays
Tree Single21051124Singles
Tropical fish210510142006
Up and away Balloon50238351982
Venetian classics23061051984cookie molds
Viennese classic23061021984cookie molds
Viennese swirl12709Singles
Viennese Swirl21051110Singles
Viennese swirl21058252
western boot210512381995
Wicked witch210541901990
winnie the pooh (6")21058108cookie molds
Winnie the Pooh (face)210530042001
Winnie the Pooh (sitting)575401
Winnie the Pooh (with #1)210530031998
Winnie the Pooh (with honey pot)210530001995
Winnie the Pooh giant cookie Pan210562111998Giant cookie molds
Wonder woman (with faceplate)50276791978
wreath  50214841980
wreath insert
wreath-smowman-christmas tree23061121995       cookie molds
WWP Superstars210525521994
yogi bear (face)5021781975
yosemite sam50229081981
Zodiac pan

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